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"Our life is what our thoughts make it." - Marcus Aurelius

What is Life Coaching

Imagine having a professional life coach where the total focus is on you, in particular, what you want in life, and what will help you achieve it. My role as your personal life coach is to facilitate you to move forward in order to achieve your goals. I will support, challenge and sometimes ask the questions that will shift your thinking in a positive way; I will listen, make suggestions and much more in order to enable you to get what you want in life

The coaching relationship is such that it allows the person being coached to open up about what they really want in their life, in a completely safe environment, allowing the client to take courage’s steps, whilst at the same time enjoying total support.
Coaching differs from counselling or therapy in that we deal with the present and the future, we don’t need to deal with traumas or your childhood events.

Life coaching will -

    • Inspire you
    • Motivate you
    • Help you deal with life changes
    • Create work life balance
    • Improve relationships
    • Manage stress and anxiety
    • Help with career change
    • Build confidence and self esteem
    • Maximize your potential

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