Burton, Derby, Lichfield, Uttoxeter and Surrounding Area's

"We donít see things as they are we see them as we are." - Anais Nin

Business Coaching

Having run many businesses myself for more than 25 years, I have gained great knowledge, skills and invaluable experience with all aspects of the business world. From running a restraunt in Canada when I was 18 to being a director of a business that was losing money and turning it around within two years to its present day status as a key player in its field.

Also creating a small property portfolio plus whilst coaching other entrepreneurs create their portfolios. Co-owner of The Natural Healthcare Centre, Burton’s most successful complimentary centre, to developing three new creative clinics helping people change physically and emotionally.

My approach is simple-

Success comes from everything around you. You have to be hyper aware and think differently to the people around you. All the clues are there if you think about it. Everything you are up to this second is a reflection of your own thinking; you have brought in to your world everything you wanted be it, positive or not so positive. You have to learn to think differently….
As your business coach together we will look at.

    • Is the way you think helping you?
    • Are you utilising all your resources
    • Motivational techniques
    • The art of delegation
    • Strengthening your business skills
    • Business strategies/plans
    • Your staff
    • New ventures/Start up

Recommended Books